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10 Best Practices To Ensure Quality Eyewear Imports

Finding quality eyewear imports can be a challenge for entrepreneurs. But each eyewear needs to meet specific standards for you to sell it. So consider these practices to ensure quality.

Finding the right eyewear importer ensures quality production. Choose to work with a reliable and experienced eyewear producer. Then, make sure that each eyewear passes global quality standards. Your eyewear should have the best quality among its competition.

Production of top-quality eyewear requires careful planning and systems. Check out these 10 eyewear practices ensuring the best possible product. You don’t want to end up with low-quality products that might affect your business.

10 Best Practices To Ensure Quality Eyewear Imports

Not sure where to start inspecting your eyewear? Take a look at these ten best practices ensuring quality eyewear. Don’t let poor quality ruin your brand.

1. Find The Right Eyewear Importer

Identify the qualities that you’re looking for in an importer. Create a list of requirements before agreeing on a deal. Consider these factors in finding the right eyewear importer.

First, check if the producer is importing to different rich countries. It means the supplier can pass strict safety and quality standards. For example, the FDA or EU has high-quality standards before an item enters a country.

You’ll feel more relieved knowing that a producer passes strict regulations. Plus, you’ll get better eyewear quality. If your importer doesn’t have an excellent reputation or high-quality products, it may affect your brand.

So, you may be better off finding an importer that focuses more on value and quality. It is an indicator of the quality of the products that they will be offering.

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2. Good Quality Eyewear

A good quality pair of eyewear will have precision measurements. You need to focus on the quality of the lens and frames. The lenses should be compact and provide protection for their user.

On the other hand, the frames should hold the lenses and withstand tough falls. The precision of the frame should match the accuracy of the lenses. Poor-made eyewear has low resistance and no protection. It is where you will see the difference of qualities.

3. Secure Packaging and Proper Labeling

Customers are getting more sensitive of packaging of a product. So, it would help if you made sure that the box and the packaging are plain. If you’re selling online, the eyewear must have a secured packaging. Not to mention a beautiful case for the eyewear.

Producers are getting more creative in making the eyewear case. Do you want to get the traditional hard case? Or do you prefer providing something new for your customers?

For example, those travel-friendly eyewear cases that are foldable. It fits small bags. Customers are getting pickier. Some people want to see extraordinary eyewear, while others are meticulous about the packaging.

You need to check if the product is intact as well. Check if there are any minor damage to the eyewear. For instance, small creases that are noticeable are the things you should avoid. You need to make sure that you are importing products that conform to the laws of that country.

4. Approved By The FDA

Before you start importing products, work with an FDA-approved supplier. The FDA has strict criteria to keep the quality of products high.

If you’re shipping something that is not FDA-approved, you could be breaking the law. So you need to be sure that the FDA doesn’t prohibit you from importing the product.

Finding one supplier is hard enough. But there are a lot of them that will give you the best items.  You have to be patient in finding a supplier that operates on a global scale.


5. The Importance Of A Warranty

A warranty is a guarantee offered by eyewear makers. It ensures that the items you purchase are of excellent quality and free of production flaws. Warranties give you the right to ask the manufacturer to resolve any difficulties that arise under the warranty’s terms and conditions.

The manufacturer’s conditions must be clear in warranties. Compare warranties, pricing, and product features before dealing with the supplier. You’ll want to know whether the company will replace or repair a damaged item, or if you can return it for a refund.

It is better to work with a supplier that offers a warranty. You must focus on making the highest-quality products. Thus, it means working closely with your producer. It is the most effective way to increase customers’ loyalty.

6. Shipping Time And Cost

Before you choose an importer, know about the cost of shipping. Then, ask yourself, “is it worth it”? Most importers provide worldwide shipping rates. So, you will only pay shipping costs when the product reached its destination.

But, some importers don’t offer global shipping. Yet, you can do things to avoid that. First, you can check with several importers. It helps you find out which one offers the best rate. Then, the quality of the shipping should match your expectations.

7. Payment Terms and Conditions

No one wants to pay a large amount of money, and receive faulty items. You should select an importer that will let you return glasses if you find defects.

Avoid getting outdated products or in poor condition. Working with a reliable producer. Avoid suppliers who give you lower-quality products. It will not give your brand the best quality eyewear.

If there are terms that don’t work with you, then don’t seal the deal with the supplier. It’s better to get the best quality product that your business aims to get.

8. Define Your Design Services

While importing sunglasses, choose your supplier. There are many ways to find the right importer. But, first, you should identify good importers to start with. You can look for their names on various social media platforms. Search engines would give you some results as well.

Examine the eyewear supplier’s factory. You need to rely on the factory’s quality control and testing as well.

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9. High-Quality Standards

You need to ensure that you get the highest quality frames and lenses at a reasonable price. You don’t want to buy glasses that might look cheap because they don’t last very long.

There is a huge demand for genuine eyewear. As a reliable importer, you need to get the most suitable specs for your clients at the right price. But don’t forget to shop around. While some brands might be the cheapest, they might not last as long as you want for your customers.

Make sure you are getting glasses that are sure to remain in great shape for as long as possible. An affordable eyewear brand is ideal because it’s cheap but durable. Ask questions if you want to do a careful investigation on an eyewear importer.

How will they get all the imported eyewear in the country? Is there a warehouse where they store eyewear products? What are the importers’ in-house manufacturing and R&D capabilities? If there is an R&D lab, how will it affect the product’s quality? How are the products manufactured?

10. Reasonable Price Tags

Before choosing a local eyewear importer, be sure to check the fees charged by them. Not all eyewear brands are of the same price. You’ll want to avoid that if you’re a discerning shopper.

A reasonable price tag should match the quality of the imported glasses. Also, check the rates for shipping and duties. Finally, choose from quality brands only. And don’t sacrifice it to get cheaper products.

Only buy quality sunglasses from reputable brands that have good reputations. Now you can guarantee your customers quality eyewear. It is the kind of customer service that will make them come back for more!


You’ve made a tremendous effort to provide the best service and care for your customers. With that said, it’s essential to understand what makes quality eyewear. When it comes to shipping glasses, this is a standard business practice. You can also improve your company’s performance by purchasing overseas eyewear import services.

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