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GM is a China-based sunglasses vendor and manufacturer for men, women and unisex. It is a subsidiary of Wenzhou Dongbo Trade Corporation and brother company of Firework Eyewear. 

Our main business is producing and exporting cool, trendy and fashionable sunglasses frames and enable our customers to express themselves as freely as possible.   With almost 10 years of experience in eyewear industry, we are fully confident to create products from customers’ perspective around the world (our customers are located in over 60 countries). We always are able to help our clients build their new brand from scratch by providing ONE-STOP solution, including design, sample development, packaging solution, etc. That is why we had built a strong and long term relationship with them.  

 We are not a century-old company, but we act quickly, grow rapidly, and take responsibilities. Our products are widely spread in world eyewear markets.

Our Main Process:
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Injection is the processing method used for polymers. Plastic in different colored grains is fused and injected into molds through the presses to obtain semi-processed frames.


Polishing is the beauty treatment for frames that eliminates imperfections, smooths and make the surface of the frames and temples brilliant. Actually the completed frames are often polished several times.


Auto-Spraying is widely used in sunglasses production, but the Auto machine can only painting the simple color, complicated colors must be traditional sprayed by hands .

Logo Printing

We guarantee that the logos are imprinted properly every single time we do. And the logos can be printed on either of the two arms or both as per your request.

Quality Control

QC is one of the most significant steps during production phase. At GM sunglasses, we see QUALITY as our TOP priority and always make sure to deliver more than our customers expected!


Packaging is the last step of sunglasses making, we accept customized solutions or we could provide new customer packaging solutions if they have no idea.

Our Certificates:

Products are strictly produced according to CE and FDA standard, and certificates are available by request!

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