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Are Wholesale Sunglasses In China Safe?

China is the biggest maker of sunglasses in the world. But are wholesale sunglasses from China safe? Can you rely on their products? If so, how can you prove it?

Buying wholesale sunglasses in China is safe. There are a lot of producers that offer quality sunglasses. You have to filter those that can deliver excellent results. Eyewear producers should provide credentials and reports. It serves as proof of being reliable.

In this blog, we will share some tips for buying wholesale sunglasses from China. For your safety and convenience, here are the things you need to know.

How to Confirm Reliable Sunglasses Producers?

Certifications and proof of testing are one way to confirm reliable suppliers. You can request compliance documents before working. It includes test reports from the FDA for the US market and CE for the European market.

Suppliers that fail to provide required documents may be hideous. You don’t want to work with producers. Below are some things you need to check with the sunglasses manufacturer.

Standard Eye Protection of Sunglasses

Protection from the sun’s harmful rays is the most basic function of sunglasses. But know that the depth of the lens color has nothing to do with it. Colorless lenses can protect our eyes from the sun as well.

Lenses have standard transmittance. It ranges from 5 to 45 percent. A pair of sunglasses that have UV 380 can block harmful rays or radiation. The ideal standard is UV400 to provide 100 percent protection.

Materials Used In The Sunglasses

Do you need a pair of polarized sunglasses or not? If a producer can’t provide one, it doesn’t mean they are not reliable. Polarized sunglasses are not better than non-polarized ones. But you have to focus on the quality of the sunglasses.

Do you prefer changing the world through recycled sunglasses? Then look for suppliers that can do it. Collaborate with those producers that have the same mindset.

How Safe Is It To Buy Wholesale Sunglasses From China?

More people understand the value of wearing sunglasses. It is not only an accessory. Customers are wiser in choosing protective yet trendy sunglasses.

China has one of the fastest-growing sales in this industry. In research shared by, the total sunglasses sales reached 138.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. The forecasted amount would reach a value of 258.63 billion U.S. dollars by 2027.

Increasing demand led to a lot of wholesalers from China. But how safe is it to buy wholesale sunglasses from this country? Why is it the best choice for wholesale sunglasses? Let us check out some reasons.

1.Good quality of Made-in-China

Some people would mock those “made in China” items as poor quality. Large Chinese companies have provided reliable goods to their buyers.

It’s about finding the most reliable sunglasses supplier for your brand. It should provide you with high-quality eyewear at the best prices.

2.Tons Of Manufacturers And Suppliers

Competition makes reasonable prices for wholesale sunglasses from China. You can find tons of producers and suppliers based on different areas.

Plus, the price is lower since you will buy in bulk. When choosing a supplier, be sure to list your requirements.

There are a lot of options for you with wholesale sunglasses in China. You have to find one that can work to your conditions.

We have seen many Chinese brands conquer the world. China factories have made some popular goods.

It helps attract customers with their high-fashioned designs. Today, we get to enjoy high-fashioned sunglasses brands that are “made from China.”

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How To Find Wholesale Sunglasses Suppliers in China?

It is difficult to search for the best wholesale sunglasses suppliers. One is through online websites and another through sunglasses fairs.

Many producers have online shops with today’s development in e-commerce. One search for “wholesale sunglasses in China” would give you a bunch of options.

But you have to filter your suppliers. Some may not be as credible as their website says. You can see a lot of online stores and get in touch with them.

Our technology allows us to search, and contact the supplier. You can even order from your mobile phone. It saves time and effort by going to the producer’s store.

But be sure to look for samples. Be careful of checking everything with your supplier. But if you want the old-fashioned style, going to sunglasses fairs is ideal.

China, being the top producer of sunglasses, holds various fairs and trades. For example, the Shanghai International Optics Fair (SIOF). This optical exhibition showcases different brands and kinds of sunglasses.

Fairs allow you to meet all kinds of sunglasses brands and producers. Plus, you get to see their products in person.

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3 Important Tips For Buying Wholesale Sunglasses From China

Mistakes happen to those who are looking to buy wholesale sunglasses from China. But we all want to get the best resources as much as possible. So, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Tip #1: Low prices are engaging, but be extra careful.

It is easy to get attracted and engage in low prices products. But it doesn’t guarantee quality at all times. Watch out for suppliers who attract buyers at affordable prices.

More than anything, focus on quality. It is better to invest in higher-priced sunglasses than buy fake ones.

Tip #2: Check supplier qualification.

Your partner supplier should be reliable. You should feel confident working with your supplier. It’s essential since both would work from different countries and far from each other.

Don’t forget to check about the relevant certificates. You can ask for product quality inspection reports as well. Make yourself comfortable knowing that your business partner is trustworthy.

Tip #3: Know your suppliers.

We get to know our strangers if we want them to include them in our circle of friends. Have this kind of mindset when looking for sunglasses suppliers.

When negotiating, observe the supplier in handling every situation. What are its techniques for resolving disputes? Does it promise and deliver quality services?

Be detailed as possible in analyzing the sunglasses producers. Make a list and screen out good producers from those that are not. This way, you can avoid getting scammed.


Buying wholesale Sunglasses in China is safe. You can choose from different producers. But looking for a reliable sunglasses supplier is not a simple job.

You have to go through a detailed screening of candidates. Make sure that your future supplier can provide all your expectations.

Wholesale sunglasses producers should provide quality at all times. There is no exemption for this rule, especially if you are building a brand. Information is crucial in achieving a flawless transaction.

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