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Difference Between Anti Glare And Anti Reflective Glasses

Glare and reflection are the two common lens coatings for any pair of glasses. So how would you know which feature would give you the best solution? Learn the difference between anti-glare and anti-reflective sunglasses.

Anti-glare sunglasses can block any reflection from external sources of light. As it bounces the surface of the sunglasses, it cuts the haze and glare from sunlight. So, it gives you a clear vision. Anti-reflective sunglasses block reflection from both internal and external sources.

Both eyeglasses can help in improving vision and reducing eye strain. But how would you know which one is better glasses for you? Let’s start by comparing and identifying their differences.

What are Anti-Glare Glasses?

Anti-glare glasses block glare from sunlight from any external sources of light. It uses a thin layer of coating applied to the front and back of the lenses. So, it removes reflections you can see on the lenses.

Glare happens because of an excessive amount of light. It is common during summer when there’s intense sunlight. You can also experience when there is a light reflection on the water or ice surfaces.

The coating also reduces ‘halos’ that you can see when wearing it. Those are small circles or spots that are disturbing to our eyes. It feels like there’s a small thing blocking your vision that you can’t remove.

It means more light would pass through the lenses. Thus, you can see better since it blocks reflections and glares.

Some anti-glare glasses have a feature that can the layers of the lenses. So, it can prevent water and droplets from forming. This way, you can clean the lenses easier.

Do smart gadgets also have glare in it? Yes, all devices that use LEDs also produce glare. But most of it already has a blocking filter. Sometimes, the remedy that you can do to reduce glare is to lower the brightness.

Anti Glare Sunglasses

What are Anti-Reflective Glasses?

Anti-reflective glasses are excellent in eliminating reflections. But the difference is that it can do for both external and internal light sources. Thus, you can get improved vision and reduced eye strain.

Sunglasses have front and back surfaces that can cause reflections. It can be reflections from the sunlight. It can also mirror your eyes on the glasses.

Suppliers apply an anti-reflective coating. It prevents too much light from coming into your eyes. If there’s enough light, then you can see clearly objects. The various layers applied to the lenses also provide a more vivid vision.

Back-glare is common with most eyeglasses. It is the light that hits back your eyewear’s lenses. Then, it bounces off into your eye, which may compromise the vision. So anti-reflective sunglasses help in reducing these reflections off its lenses.

Most anti-reflective sunglasses also have a more durable surface than anti-glare glasses. It means it does an excellent job in withstanding scratches and blemishes. You also don’t have to do constant cleaning as well

Zeiss Sunlens Ar Antireflective Coatings

Anti-Glare Vs. Anti-Reflective Glasses Comparison

At first, these two kinds of glasses can be confusing. So, let’s make a quick comparison between anti-glare and anti-reflective glasses. This way, you’ll understand more about how they differ from one another.

Differences With Vision

Both anti-glare and anti-reflective sunglasses can offer you excellent vision. But it all depends on the situation.

Are you into outdoor activities like mountaineering during the weekends? You can rely on anti-glare glasses. It’s because there would be so much light along your way.

So, you’ll want to block those glares and excess light. It will let you see through the sunlight.

When staying indoors or using your mobile devices, anti-reflective glasses would do great. It can improve any displayed image or set of characters on your screen.

Differences With Reflection and Reflected Image

Anti-glare glasses block reflections from external light sources. It includes bright sunlight or other ambient lighting conditions. So, you can get a better vision of the image or text that you want to see.

Meanwhile, anti-reflective sunglasses block reflections from both internal and internal light sources. It eliminates everything that bounces off the front and back of the glasses.

Differences With Function

Anti-reflective sunglasses use many layers of different metals. The producer applies it to the lens’ surface through vaporization or sublimation. These layers act as the non-reflective surface.

It allows the light to pass through the lenses without harming your vision. So, you can see more vivid objects.

Anti-glare sunglasses allow the light to pass through its lenses. Then, it also prevents other lights from passing.

This process limits the glare. So, you can have a better vision even when there’s too much amount of light.

It is why most people prefer using anti-glare lenses when mountaineering. You can rely on it when doing other outdoor activities as well.

Which Is Better?

You can use anti-glare sunglasses when you are going outdoors. It will help you sharpen your vision while reducing distractions because of glares. You don’t have to squint your eyes.

Anti-reflective sunglasses are beneficial for the lengthened use of computers and smart gadgets. People with eye grades can enjoy these glasses, too. It is because thicker lenses get more reflections from light. So, anti-reflective can help in blocking it off.

Final Words

Choosing between two options has never been easy. Start with knowing the different functions and features. Then, see which between anti-glare and anti-reflective glasses would work best for you. Follow it and you will get the best pair of eyewear for a specific purpose.

A good quality anti-reflective glasses is enough for everyday use. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, then anti-glare glasses are a better option.

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