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Eyewear Startup Guide – The Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses

Do you want to start an eyewear business? Then, polarized sunglasses should have a place on your shelf. But before you sell, make sure to check out this eyewear startup guide. Identify the benefits of polarized sunglasses and provide solutions. Market your eyewear to the right target audience.

One of the benefits of polarized sunglasses is 100% eye protection. It prevents eye degradation because of harmful sun rays. It is the perfect eyewear for those who love to spend a lot of time outdoors. This eyewear can improve vision outside by reducing bright reflections.

Buyers are getting wiser in choosing the best gasses that would fit their eyes. But, more than its design, the eyewear should protect and improve the vision. So, where should you start when selling this kind of eyewear? Here’s everything that you need to know.

Polarized Sunglasses Definition

Polarized lenses work by preventing light glare from hitting you in the eye. The vertical filter only allows some light to pass through the openings. Glare is a horizontal light. These lenses block harmful lights and only allow vertical light.

But how can you know that you’re wearing a real pair of polarized sunglasses?

The simplest way of checking is by looking at a bright, reflective light source. It includes glass, water, or polished metal. So, what can you expect?

Try tilting your head sideways to about 60 degrees while wearing the eyewear. If the light increases in intensity, then you have polarized sunglasses. But if you see no changes, it’s a plain tinted lens.

Another way is by using a digital display. It includes things like laptops, tablets, cell phones, or GPS. The display will turn to dim, but what happens next is crucial. Does it go black when you tilt your head? It’s one proof that polarized lenses doing their magic.

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Why Do You Need To Understand the Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses?

As a business owner, you need to know the benefits of your products. For example, each type of eyewear protects a particular condition. So, you need to understand the benefits of wearing polarized sunglasses. This way, you can have a unique selling proposition and know where to stand.

There are some instances where this eyewear is not ideal to use. It includes looking at LCD (liquid crystal display) screens. But the benefits outweigh the downfalls. The polarizing effect is more helpful when glare is present outdoors.

What can you contribute to the eyewear industry? Start by creating quality pieces of polarized eyewear. So, you can help your customers see better outdoors. They can see crisp images while driving on icy roads or on a sunny day. Eye protection against harmful sun rays is the best comfort.

Benefits Of Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses offer a lot of eyes protection. It provides a built-in filter that blocks bright and reflected light. Experts call it the ‘glare.’ Reducing this element makes the eyes feel more comfortable. Plus, the user can see clear objects outdoors.

Polarized lenses are excellent for anyone who loves spending time outdoors. For example, you’re working outdoors doing high-glare activities. A high glare is present where there’s high water or snow. In that case, polarized lenses help reduce glare.

The user can get extra clarity while keeping your eyes protected. Let’s take a quick look at where polarized sunglasses are a better option.

Daytime Driving

What happens if the sunlight hits curved windshield glass? First, the driver can have a compromised vision. It’s because the light spreads out into a bright and distracting glare. When it happens, road crashes may occur.

It is where polarized sunglasses become beneficial. This eyewear can block glares from the light. So, the wearer can have a clearer vision even on a bright and shiny day.

So, do your customers a favor. Build eyewear that can protect their eyes while seeing more crisp objects. Driving is safer when the user can focus on the road.

Fishing / Boating

This eyewear reduces the glare the sun creates as it hits the water. So, the angler can see into the water. These people can enjoy the polarized sunglasses that you’re making. But make sure of the quality to prevent hindered vision.

For anglers, blocking glare is a massive advantage. It’s true for people who fish in shallow water. It can be fishing in lakes, rivers, and streams.

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Snowy or Icy Environments

Snow causes glare. So a pair of polarized sunglasses is a good choice. The light is much brighter with smooth, flat, and reflective surfaces.

For example, you can see more light reflections on water, metal, or snow. But, then, the light reflects, which is stressful for our eyes to handle.

With the polarizing filters, it blocks the glare from shining into the eyes.

Protection From Vibrant Outdoor Colors

It is satisfying to look at natural scenery or the open blue sky. Even on a cloudy day, tiny particles float in the air. These particles can affect the human naked eyes.

The polarizing lenses stop the reflections from those particles. As a result, it prevents harming your eyes.

Eliminates Destructive Glare

The filters of polarized sunglasses cut obstructive and blinding glares of light. So, the wearer can get a clearer and better vision.

The filter reduces transmission while absorbing color as well. It means the user can see the normal color of objects. It lets the lenses enhance the effects of particular colors through your eyes.

Are There Alternatives To Polarized Lenses?

The function of polarized lenses is incomparable. But there are alternatives to use. For example, the anti-reflective coating can protect from glare. You can rely on mirrored sunglasses as well. It decreases the amount of light that enters the eyes.

Meanwhile, photochromic lenses darken once exposed to bright lights. But remember that the filters of polarized sunglasses are similar to none. There are some features that other alternatives can do. But some are unique only for polarized sunglasses.

Do you want to sell other alternatives to polarized lenses? Then, make sure that your producer is can make these items for you. Some experienced suppliers are excellent at making polarized lenses. But not all producers have the same experience, skills, and technology.

Are Polarized Lenses and UV-Protected Lenses The Same Thing?

Polarized lenses and UV-protected lenses differ from one another. So, not all polarized sunglasses offer UV protection. You must check the label if the eyewear has UV protection. It is another feature that you add to polarized sunglasses you’re going to sell.

With that in mind, how do UV-protected lenses work?

UV-protected sunglasses shield your eyes against the harmful rays of the sun. So, it prevents several eye diseases related to sun exposure. It includes eye problems like cataracts and eye damage.

Short-term and direct exposure to sunlight can cause temporary blindness. Sunlight brings vitamin D to our bodies. But only at certain times. Not to mention, it has different effects on our eyes. So, wearing sunglasses that block 99 or 100% of harmful sunlight is crucial when going out.

So, why use polarized sunglasses over UV-protected sunglasses?

It’s because not all UV-protected sunglasses can prevent glare. Imagine you’re driving after heavy rain or during winter. Light reflections are common on waters, ice, and even wet hoods. These reflections are what we call glare that temporary blindness. It’s painful that can make you close your eyes – and it is not safe while driving.

As the owner of your eyewear store, it’s best to give options. Let your customers choose between polarized and UV-protected sunglasses. Give the most reliable and effective eye protection for your buyers.

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Does Polarized Lens Come In Different Colors?

Polarized lenses are available in various colors. It depends on the material of the lenses. Darker colors provide higher levels of protection. Does the color affect its polarization ability?

The colors of its lenses don’t affect the performance of the filters. But note that each color is ideal to use for a specific purpose. Colored lenses are not only for a fashion statement.

Every lens filters the light against your eyes in different ways. But the function depends on its color.

Polarized sunglasses color lenses offer different performances. But, first, you need to understand how lens colors work under different situations. For example, what does yellow lens can do at dawn that color gray can’t?

These are some questions that your buyers might ask of you. Of course, as the seller, you must give answers.

Each colored lens offers different benefits. For example, the right lens tint should enhance depth perception. At the same time, it should reduce eye fatigue. First, let’s take a look at the three lens colors.

Gray Tint

Gray tint lenses are one of the most popular options. Outdoor enthusiasts would enjoy it the most. This color provides good clarity under different situations.

The user can see more clear objects even under bright conditions. Imagine how difficult it might be without wearing these sunglasses?

Aside from that, gray color prevents color distortion as well. So, it provides light reduction, which is typical for other lens colors. Do you get questions about the best ‘all-day’ lens color? Then, share this color with your customer. It is the perfect choice for both land and water applications.

  • Perfect for everyday and general use.
  • It provides accurate color perception.
  • Excellent at reducing eye fatigue during day-long use.

Grey polarized lenses are ideal for different outdoor activities. It includes baseball, skiing, cycling, running, beach sports, and others. People who spend time on or near the water can enjoy this color. These are an excellent choice for clients looking for only one pair of sunglasses.

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Amber color is perfect under variable light and overcast conditions. So, it is excellent in enhancing contrast and depth perception. You can see it in different shapes, and it is versatile for many different fishing situations.

  • Most versatile lens color.
  • Work well in light conditions.
  • Increased visibility.

These lenses are ideal for pilots and almost any sport or as a casual lens color. In addition, it offers excellent enhancement capabilities.


Yellow is the best color lens for sight fishing. However, it is best to use it under low light conditions such as dawn and dusk. How is that possible, you asked? It’s because yellow lenses can send light even in dark surroundings.

  • Best color lenses for sight fishing applications.
  • Perform the best at sunrise and sunset.

These lenses are what other people refer to as “blue-blockers.” It is because increases the contrast and depth of vision.

Yellow tints can filter out “hazy” light hard on the eyes. So, it makes the environment appear brighter. Most eyewear users prefer this color over orange lenses.

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Why Does It Matter to Your Clients And Your Business?

If you know what you’re selling, you’ll be better at growing your business. You can design the most effective and beautiful polarized sunglasses that sell.

So, you must understand everything about polarized sunglasses. It will help you identify winning strategies in selling them.

You’ll know how to sell by providing solutions and protection for your buyers.

You need to understand your product and customer needs. Then, consider the different conditions that can affect performance and sight.

For example, mountain bikers and trail runners stay outdoors. They stay on a sunny day most of the time. Meanwhile, professional anglers prefer wearing the proper lenses for water.

The eyewear should help spot potential catches on the water even with so much glare.

You can be effective in identifying the needs of your target market by putting your shoes on theirs. First, know what they need for sunglasses, and the type of sunglasses they prefer wearing. Second, learn about polarized sunglasses as much as you can. Third, you need to provide information and value to your clients.

Should You Add Polarized Sunglasses In Your Store?

Polarized sunglasses deserves a spot on the shelf of your eyewear shop. More than the design, it aims to provide the most eye protection. Keep in mind that your clients would be looking for quality and uniqueness.

Keep the eyes of your clients protected. Polarized lenses aren’t for everyone. But it might change the way people see the world.

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