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How to Choose the Right Sunglasses for Different Face: Complete Guide for Men and Women 

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Sunglasses do more than protect your eyes. Sunglasses are also a fashion statement and can enhance your facial features, either in a good or bad way. It is essential to find the sunglasses style that compliments your face shape. The first step is identifying your face shape. To find your face shape, take a selfie, look in the mirror, or ask a friend. An easy way to find your face shape is by tracing it in the mirror. Stand in front of the mirror, take a washable marker, lipstick, or soap and trace your face outline starting from your chin to your forehead without letting your hand waver. After you finish, you will be able to see your face shape. Face shapes and sunglasses styles vary for men and women.

 Women Face Shapes and Sunglasses Styles

 Round face

Round faces are almost symmetrical in length and width. These faces often feature a small rounded chin with little to no sharp angles. The typical hairline is smooth and rounded. People with round faces look best when sunglasses lengthen their faces. Choose darker frames, as dark colors help narrow the face and contour it into an oval shape. Try to find a frame shape where the height is less than the width.

 Suitable styles for round faces:

 -Pointed, rectangular, or square sunglasses

 -Butterfly sunglasses

 -Frames with narrow nose bridges

 -Aviator sunglasses

 -Cat’s sunglasses

 -Wayfarer sunglasses

 Poor styles for round faces:

 -Round sunglasses

 -Narrow frames

 -Sunglasses featuring sharp edges

 -Geometric styled sunglasses

 -Colored lenses sunglasses

 -Frames that extend up to the eyebrows

 Oval face

Oval faces have a longer length than width. The chin is round, and the cheekbones are the most comprehensive portion of the face. The top of the face is slightly wider than the bottom, as the forehead’s width is greater than the width of the jaw. Oval faces are already proportional, and sunglasses should not distract from your face’s balance. Be sure to avoid glasses that are too large. Ideally, the frames should be just as or a bit wider than your face. Be sure that the upper part of the frame is in line with your eyebrows.

 Suitable styles for oval faces:

 -Sunglasses with smooth lines, such as oval, rectangular, and round

 -Butterfly style glasses

 -Aviator glasses

 -Cat’s eye style glasses

 Poor styles for oval faces:

 -Frames with sharp angles

 -Oversized sunglasses frames

 -Really wide sunglasses frames

 -narrow frames

 Square face

People with square faces often have identical face length and width. Their chins are broad and angular. The cheekbones, jaw, and forehead are equal lengths. Typically, the hairlines are straight. Rectangular or square frames with sharp angles can overload the outlines of your face. We suggested wearing rounded frame styles, as these frames will visually soften and balance facial proportions.

 Suitable styles for square faces:

 -Large sunglasses frames

 -Glasses that have a large frame that is equal to the size of your face

 -Colored frame sunglasses

 -Sunglasses with teardrop, oval, or round frames

 -Frameless sunglasses

 -Cat’s eye style sunglasses


 Poor styles for square faces:

 -Square glasses with sharp angles

 -Frames that are narrow, petite, or small

 -Frames that are wider than the size of your face

Rectangular face

 Rectangular faces have a length that is larger than the face’s width. The forehead, jaw, and cheekbones are an equal length. The chin is often broad and angular, and these people have a straight hairline. People with a rectangular face want to make their face appear broader with their sunglasses style. Try to find more extensive or even massive frame sizes. Additionally, be sure the lenses are not colored, and the frames are both slender and a neutral skin tone.

 Suitable styles for rectangular faces:

 -Large frame sunglasses

 -Aviators with oversized frames

 -Founded sunglass frames

 Poor styles for rectangular faces:

 -Narrow frames

 -Small glasses styles

 -Colorful or bright frames

 Heart-shaped face

People with a heart-shaped face have a face that is longer than it is wide. The forehead is the largest part of the face, while the chin is the narrowest. Heart-shaped faces are similar to an inverted triangle as the face becomes thinner from the forehead to the chin. People with a heart-shaped face want to balance their faces and have the lower section of the face appear wider. Big sunglasses do not help as they make the upper part of the face look wider. Look for styles where the glasses’ width matches the width of your face, such as a teardrop style.

 Suitable techniques for heart-shaped faces:

 -Round or rounded frame sunglasses

 -Small sunglass frames with a narrow bridge

 -Sunglasses styles with low-set arms

 -Aviators frames

 -Wayfarer sunglasses models

 -Neutral or bright colored frames

 Poor styles for heart-shaped glasses:

 -Large and heavy frame sunglasses

 -Sharp or pointed eyeglasses

 -Sunglasses that extend above the eyebrow

 -Butterfly styles

 -Cat’s eye style glasses

 -Gasses with bright frames

Triangle face

 Triangle faces often feature a wide square chin with a face length that is a bit longer than the width. Additionally, these faces often have narrow cheekbones and a narrow forehead. The face becomes thinner as it approaches the temples. People with a triangle face should aim to find a style that broadens the top half of the face while balancing out the bottom half of the face’s sharpness. Look for a large sunglasses style with a broad upper frame. The lower edge should not feature sharp or square outlines.

 Suitable styles for triangle faces:

 -Round sunglasses with neutral colors


 -Cat’s eye style sunglasses

 -Frameless sunglasses

 Poor styles for triangle faces:

 -Cat’s eye styles that have dark lenses

 -Square or rectangular sunglass frames

 -Narrow or small frames

 -Sunglasses styles that have square or sharp edges on the bottom

 Men’s Face Shapes and Sunglasses Styles

 Men with oval face shapes have similar features that women with oval faces have. Men have a head that is longer than it is wide and a round jaw. Any sunglasses style will look good on men with oval face shapes, but be sure to avoid kinds that hang low. If the arms are too low on the sunglasses, you will lengthen your face even more, when aiming to find a balance.

 Men who have a square shape to their face often have both a strong and defined jawline and cheekbones. Round frames will look best with a sharp face, as the rounded frames will balance out your face. Look for rounded frames, aviators, or clubmaster style sunglasses.

 Be sure to find a sunglasses style that is opposite to your face. For men with a round face, they want to wear styles that create definition. Try to slim down your cheekbones with a style that features a strong brow line in a size that is a bit wider than the head. Sunglasses with angular features will lengthen your temples and elongate your face.

 Men with a long or rectangular face shape should wear styles that add width to balance the face shape. Round or square frames are good choices. Additionally, we recommended wearing larger and oversized sunglasses. Sunglasses in the wayfarer style, D-frames, and the Clubmaster style are good choices for long or rectangular faces.

 Heart-shaped men should be sure to find their right sunglasses style, as this face shape is often the most difficult to match. It is essential to balance out the top half of the face and not add any additional weight. Men are suggested to wear rounded styles, such as the Clubmaster style and other round frames.

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