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How To Create Kids’ Eyewear Safely

Creating kids’ eyewear is more challenging. It is because there are a lot of things to consider. On top of the list, safety is the priority. If you want to thrive, you shouldn’t only focus on the design. Most parents consider the safety of kids’ eyewear before buying.

Start with knowing the materials of the eyewear frame. Know the composition of the lenses. Next, ensure durability and safety for every eyepiece. Finally, follow safety regulations, and exporting or importing laws.

Are you going to start a new eyewear line targeted at children? Do you want to improve your current kids eyewear designs? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Let us understand the things to consider when creating kids eyewear.

6 Factors To Consider To Create Safe Kids Eyewear

Brands need to increase their research in making goods that are not harmful to children. Past events with companies that meant children had proved this necessity. For example, G&G Factory Outlet recalled their products in 2018. It was because of the vast amounts of lead in their items, among others.

It highlights the necessity of quality assurance in kids eyewear. Children are more prone to absorbing lead and other harmful substances. So, you have to provide safe products for kids to wear.

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Factor #1 – Frame Material

The frames should comprise safe materials for kids eyewear. Most companies use plastics for their products like acetate. You can provide more durable, flexible, and less expensive eyewear. It is one of the most famous elements. You can provide more durable, flexible, and less costly eyewear. Plus, there are a wide array of colors that you can choose.

Choose eyewear frame materials that are free from BPA (Bisphenol-A). This material is a chemical used to make certain plastics. It produces adverse health effects, such as obesity.

Most informed parents avoid products with BPA. However, the FDA is yet to limit products with this formulation. So, ensure that your frames are free from any other poisonous substances.

With metal-based frames for kids, you’ll need to consider metal compositions. It is because some children are sensitive to certain substances, such as nickel.

All frame materials should contain safe substances as kids might chew on them. In addition, you should consider that most kids will put objects in their mouths in their early years.

Factor #2 – Lens Composition

It is the most essential material in the creation of kids eyewear. The lens is the first line of defense between the eyes and the sun’s UV rays. UV ray protection is essential for children against harmful sun effects.

Parents are aware of the effects of blue light from electronic screens on kids. So, you may want to consider using blue-light-blocking lenses. It helps in getting rid of this risk.

One of the most popular lenses is Polycarbonate. This lens is standard in kids eyewear. The material is thinner and lighter than plastic. These lenses are impact-resistant and shatterproof. Plus, it provides 100 percent UV protection.

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Factor #3 – Right Prescribed Lenses

The lens material is not the only thing that should be safe. Ensure that you have the right prescription in the lenses you sell, as well.

A wrong prescription can cause a wide range of damage and irritation. It is more prevalent for children. It could increase the rate of eye degradation as well. With this, using a lens that minimizes distortion will help in this issue.

Testing prescriptions lie with the optometrist in most cases. But making the correct eyeglass prescriptions is essential. In addition, it improves the quality and reliability of eyewear.

You can achieve better tolerances at a higher level of control. So you can get the best results when working with kids eyewear producers. But experience and expertise are crucial.

It means your glasses prescriptions can be more accurate. So, you can deliver the best quality to your suppliers or customers.

Factor #4 – Check the Durability of Your Product as A Whole

Durable pieces of eyewear are crucial. It is because kids tend to break things a lot, even if it’s not their intention. If your glasses break, will they put children in harm’s way?

If you’re unsure, you’ll have to reassess the quality of the eyeglasses. First, inspect each eyewear you’d be putting out on the market. Some eyewear companies use lightweight or bendable materials. It includes metal or molded nylon that offers more strength.

Factor #5 – Check the Details of Your Eyewear Product

Small parts of your product could be a considerable safety hazard. For example, it includes hinges and screws. Most brands feature rubber hinges to ensure the fit of the glasses to each child.

Do you plan on adding designs with hinges and small components? Then, ensure that they are free from hazards. It means you should ensure that there are no sharp edges present to the wearer.

The bits and pieces used in the eyewear need a secure fastening. Since it is for kids, you shouldn’t pose a swallow hazard.

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Factor #6 – Be More Informed About the Laws and Regulations

There are some legislated regulations and laws over children’s eyewear. Yet, most rules are available for regular eyewear. For example, the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

It says that kids’ eyewear should not have flammable, toxic materials. The brand and its producer should avoid these elements at all costs.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims that sunglasses should have impact-resistant lenses. They should follow the FDA requirements in 21 CFR 801.410. The key is to test the quality of your product through continuous tests.

Should You Sell Kids Eyewear?

Is your goal to provide the best eyewear pieces for children? Then you can invest in kids eyewear. But, beware of the challenges because there are a lot of meticulous parents.

Before anything, here’s what you need to know. First, you have to know the market you are selling to or even about to sell to. There is high competition in the eyewear industry. Despite this, only a few of these companies have special glasses for children.

The forecast for the eyewear market is an upward path. The report says it will reach 182.84 million dollars by 2024. It is a big chunk of which came from children’s eyewear.

Research shows that children who have a hard time with their eyes tend to lose focus. It makes them less likely to remember vital information for their learning. The record states that children with vision difficulties may end up doing bad at school.

It means there is an increasing need for eyewear, especially for children. Seattle’s Times backed this claim in a report. So you and many more players are welcome to start companies that sell kids eyewear.

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Why Consider Starting a Kids Eyewear Company?

There is an increasing number of children that use technology. Thus, the kids eyewear industry shows potential. Therefore, it has a high market appraisal.

The eyewear industry is competitive and saturated in general. But if there’s one aspect to take advantage of, it is specializing in kids eyewear.

The Top 3 Common Eye Problems Children Often Experience

There’s an increasing need for eyewear for children. It can be for protection against prolonged use of gadgets. This way, parents can avert eye problems on their kids.

Meanwhile, other children need prescribed eyeglasses. Unfortunately, children with vision difficulties who need these products tend to do bad at school.

1.Blurred vision or refractive errors

This common disorder happens when the eye can’t focus on images. As a result, some children are having trouble seeing their environment. Some common symptoms include haziness, glare, or halos. Other kids may feel squinting and frequent headaches as wel


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2.Crossed eyes

It is what experts call the Strabismus. This condition exhibits noticeable crossed eyes. In addition, it shows two eyes that do not line up with each other.

3.Lazy eye

This disorder can cause impaired vision or even blindness. The condition occurs when one eye experiences an abnormal visual development. As a result, either one of the eyes wanders inward or outward a child’s line of vision.

The early detection of these diseases can help or cure all these. Yet if there’s a way to prevent this, why wouldn’t parents opt for that?

Here’s where you come along.

Children are more in touch with their electronic devices. Thus, it is crucial to note how they are more susceptible to UV-related harm. For example, electronic devices increase UV exposure to 85 percent.

The Journal of American Academy of Dermatology revealed it in a study. As a result, companies should create glasses for a vulnerable sector in this field.

Eyeglasses help block harmful UV rays. As a result, it protects one of the most exposed body parts – our eyes.

With this, the famous quote “prevention is better than cure” rings true in today’s standards.

Golden Opportunity in Kids Eyewear

The kids eyewear market is on the rise in developing countries. Kids today are becoming more reliant on electronic devices. So, it’s high time that you join the growing kids eyewear industry.

With this significant opportunity to earn comes the importance of producing quality products. Aim to create a brand that will add value to each of your customers’ experiences.

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