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Importing Sunglasses Into Canada-All Things That You Need To Know

import sunglasses into canada

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China has one of the largest manufacturers of sunglasses. No wonder it has been the capital of various eyewear suppliers. If you do it right, importing sunglasses from Chinese suppliers can be profitable. It’s because they sell at lower prices and reliable quality. But here are critical points to consider before importing sunglasses to Canada.

At any point of entry, importing sunglasses starts with acquiring legal documents. Make sure that you check it with your local government. You must follow Canada’s customs. Then, communication and trust with the supplier go a long way.

I know you have different questions when do importing business, so keep on reading. This article covers all things when import sunglasses to Canada from China.

Legal Requirements When Importing Sunglasses To Canada

Securing legal data is essential in any goods that you need to import. It only differs depending on the local government, point of origin, and the items.

You should always start with complying with the law. So, here’s the question. What are the legal requirements that you need to secure? There are two essential prerequisites to consider.

1.An Import Number or License in Canada

First, you need to secure the Business Number (BN), import number, or license number. Whatever people call it in Canada, these are all the same. It is a must for sell sunglasses and other commercial products.

Without the Business Number (BN), you can’t make any trade in Canada. But where can you get it? The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) only has the authority to provide you this number.

How much would it cost you? It’s free. You can even get it in a matter of minutes. The business number is vital to get the next legal rule.

2.An Import Permit in Canada

Second, apply for an import permit. Either you get it by yourself or use the services of a licensed broker.

Import Permit Application Without Broker

Here’s how to apply for a permit without a broker. You need to submit your applications at the Global Affairs Canada via mail or facsimile. So, what are the forms you’re going to fill out?

You need the Application for Import or Export Permit, which you can download online. Ask if you will also have to submit a monthly billing system.

The permit issuer would also need you to provide a cheque. It should contain the total value of the items that you will receive.

What happens after you get approval? Global Affairs Canada will deliver your permit. It depends on the method identified on your application.

How long do import permits last? Each permit you get has a validity of 30 days. The permit is essential for every shipment.

After that, it will become illegitimate if you use it or not. But also note that a permit with one transaction that you declared when you applied.

Import Permit Application With A Broker

If you don’t have time to submit the application alone, you can always use the services of a licensed broker. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any participation.

Applicants should fill the application for an Export and Import Permits Act EIPA. You also have to provide the Import Permits Act (EIPA) File Number.

Basically, it contains pieces of information. You need to put your name, company’s name, address, items imported, and your broker’s details.

Again, these files are available online. So, you can access and download it with no problems. Then, the broker will send the details to the Export-Import Control System (EICS).

You need to pay a fee, which may range from $15.00 to $31.00 per permit. It depends on the total value of the sunglasses that you will import. The broker may also ask for extra charges.

You also have to make sure that you don’t have an expired license. Importing any items without an acceptable import license is punishable by law.

Polo club sunglasses

How To Import Sunglasses Into Canada?

Now that you know the two essential requirements, so what’s next? Let’s head on to importing sunglasses to Canada. Make sure that you do it right to avoid any penalties and legal suits. Let’s begin.

STEP 1 – Get All Legal Requirements

You already know the legal requirements of importing sunglasses from China to Canada. It all boils down to getting it started. For your business number, no one should do it but you. Application for a business number is easy.

Meanwhile, you can ask for a broker’s help in securing an import license. But some importers from Canada think that this approach is a little more expensive.

If you want to save some money, then apply for an import license by yourself. The process should be easy. Download the files that you need to fill and submit other required proofs.

Notice that you need to declare the items you’re going to import, which are sunglasses. Put all product composition information, country of origin, and even samples when possible.

These pieces of information are crucial in determining the tariff rate. Plus, the more honest you are, the faster approval you will get.

STEP 2 – Ensure that Canada Permits the Sunglasses You Want to Import

Check if the eyewear you’re importing is legal in Canada. Most sunglasses are fine, but it may have some problems on rare occasions. It’s true, especially if the eyewear uses prohibited chemicals during the production.

Always verify if the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) regulates, or prohibits certain components.

STEP 3 – Proper Labeling And Marking

Labeling and marking of the imported sunglasses are crucial. It may seem a minor detail, but the customs require importers to focus on it.

The marking of sunglasses packaging should be legible and permanent. It should contain the details of the items and their country of origin. It should be where the checker can see it.

STEP 4 – Determine the Tax

The amount of import tax depends on the declared value. It is subject to goods and service tax (GST). It is usually 5% of the total value of the items you’re going to import.

STEP 5 – Select the Transportation Method

Notice that it doesn’t include the cost of transportation. Air freights are faster but more expensive than sea freights. Since sunglasses are also fragile, it will need more care.

So, it increases the expenses. Which is a better transportation process for sunglasses? It depends on your preference.

But some importers prefer sea freight, even if it would take longer. Aside from being cheaper, it is the best option if you have bulk imported sunglasses.

img 3911

STEP 6 – Keep All Your Documents

From the legal requirements, certifications to invoices, keep each document for reference. Don’t throw them away even after receiving your items.

Keep it in your records for at least five years. This way, you’ll be confident to present legal documents in case of emergencies.

STEP 7 – Wait for the Sunglasses

After accomplishing all essential requirements, it’s time to wait for your shipment. Submit all unfinished or on-hold documents to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). If there’s any, pay any duties and taxes so that the agency can release your imported items right away.

The CBSA facilitates and oversees international travel and trade within Canada’s border. It assesses the duties and taxes of the imported items. Once cleared, you can receive your shipment through your chosen courier.

How Long Will It Take the Imported Sunglasses Reach Canada From China?

The time of shipment from China to Canada always depends on your chosen freight. Some couriers offer express air shipping that can take 1 to 5 days. But it is the most expensive importing method. It is also not ideal if you have bulk orders.

Standard air freight takes 5 to 15 days. Meanwhile, sea freight can take about 21 to 35 days. But the latter is the best shipping method for bulk items. So, plan to receive the sunglasses within your desired timeframe.

Final Words

Importing sunglasses need time and effort, especially for long-distance. Today’s shipping methods make it easy for importers in Canada. Follow your country’s trade laws and get all legal requirements. Finally, communicate and build sound relationships with your chosen supplier.

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