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Is Importing Sunglasses Worth It?

What if you can’t find a local supplier for your brand? Is importing sunglasses worth it? Finding a reputable supplier is crucial to any eyewear brand. It needs to produce your designs to the highest standards. Most of the time, you can find suppliers in countries like China. And if you are living in another country, is importing sunglasses worth it?

It is worth importing sunglasses if you can find a reputable supplier. It is worth your time and money if the supplier can match your criteria. You can earn a good profit by importing sunglasses from the producer.

Sunglasses are an enormous industry. It includes the production of different parts like frames and lenses. Suppose you are ready and geared up to you beat your competition. But do you have an idea about importing sunglasses? Let’s dig in and give you all the details that you need to get started.

What Are The Things To Consider When Importing Sunglasses?

It is confusing to search for the best supplier. You have to filter your options and choose the right one for your brand. For example, China has the largest cluster of sunglasses producers. It means you can find thousands of suppliers and trading companies there.

So how do you choose the right part to help you build your sunglasses brand? Where should you start? Fret not. We have listed some things to consider when buying sunglasses. It will make the selection a lot easier.

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1.Compliance of The Product

First, you need to consider the experience of the supplier. Can it create sunglasses according to the regulations of your country? Establish a clear rule at the early stages of your due diligence. It is because not all suppliers have good compliance.

So, look for a producer that can produce compliant products. It will make the entire process quick and painless. Know the laws and follow product safety standards. It includes labeling requirements, zero harmful substances, and others.

Get a copy of the product conformity certificate document. You can ask for a test report and an FDA declaration of conformity. It is one way of filtering potential producers with compliance in place.

2.Social Compliance and Quality Management Certificate

Why a social compliance and quality certificate is essential? It’s because these credentials are proof that the supplier is credible. You’re confident that it follows safety and quality protocols.

A social compliance report proves that the supplier treats its employees right. So, if your supplier can’t provide one, consider re-assessing your options. It should have enough payment and a safe working environment. It has been an industry standard around the world.

Meanwhile, a Quality Management Certificate (QMS) states the products follow international standards. So look for a sunglasses supplier that has at least ISO 9001:2015 grade.

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3.Product Specification

With product details, you have to be specific. It is your job to communicate a set of requirements for your sunglasses. Then, speak it to your supplier.

Sunglasses are adaptable. You can use the same designs with many materials in the same frame mold.

Be specific about the materials that you want to use. Clarify what you want for the lens, frame, and hinges. Instruct about the features, thickness, shape, and color. Logo printing and product packaging can a difference for your brand.

4.MOQ (minimum order quantity) Requirements

In importing, ask about the least order quantity. It is the number of sunglasses that you have to order before shipment. It will save more time and money in importing. The question is, can you match the minimum order amount and sell it on time?

5.Safety Standards for Sunglasses in The US and EU

Like any other imported things, FDA regulates non-prescription sunglasses. It makes sure compliance with the safety and quality requirements. In the US, the rules vary from state to state. So, make sure that you adhere to these regulations. Follow all regulations from importing, distributing, to selling.

Any goods imported into the United States must include a country of origin stamp. So, don’t get surprised when you see the “Made in China” stamps.

In the European Union (EU), the importer handles product safety and compliance. Thus, the items should adhere to PPE Directive and have a CE mark. Another difference is that you have to maintain a technical file for each import. It includes the following requirements.

  • A full risk assessment
  • Test reports
  • Drawings of the design
  • Copies of labels, manuals, and packaging
  • Declaration of conformity

Children’s sunglasses and protective eyewear may have more restrictions. It needs proof that all the glasses are shatterproof. Contact your local authority dealing with import rules. It is because these restrictions get revised at times.

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What Are The Qualities Of A Worthy Supplier?

So you know the essential things to consider when importing sunglasses. Let’s talk about the qualities of a worthy supplier next. Does it matter? No doubt about it. It gives you peace of mind dealing with a reliable supplier is crucial. So here are some points to make your brand be on top of its quality.

1.Expertise and Experience

Expertise is a crucial factor in choosing an eyewear supplier. It should have the skills, technology, expertise, and experience. The goal is to build a brand focused on your ideal sunglasses. So, find a supplier with high expertise in doing it.

2.Established Market

Most successful eyewear producers cater to established markets. It includes the United States, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Producers that focus on developed countries offer a better quality standard. So, you can expect lower defect rates. Those producers adhere to global product safety regulations as well. So, examining their primary export markets is a brilliant idea.

3.High-Quality Standards

Your sunglasses brand deserves the highest quality standards, not a good one. You can find reputable producers who specialize in the low-end market. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, before you pay, be sure the supplier meets your quality standards.


Pricing is essential. But it only makes sense if the product meets product safety regulations. It should have passed the highest quality standards.

Getting “the best bang” for your budget is not bad. But don’t compromise your sunglasses’ quality. Some suppliers quote low prices to attract the buyer’s attention. But it should not surprise you because it is a common strategy.

They intend to bait your attention and raise the price after negotiation. Worst, stick to cheap and substandard materials. It all goes back to proper vetting and quality control.


Producers that refuse to accept quality inspections may hide something. So consider it as a significant red flag. It helps to keep scammers and low-quality factories at bay. This way, you can save time, money, and effort. Plus, you can focus on other qualified suppliers.

A producer will not hesitate to provide access to their records. It includes their business license, credentials, and product compliance.

You may ask for lab test reports if necessary. Some producers will refuse to provide you with files. When in doubt, it’s better to look for another option. As much as possible, avoid these suppliers no matter their excuse.

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6.Design Services

The supplier should be adaptive. It should follow your design’s size, materials, components, and tolerances. Disorganized producers can’t offer knowledge about technological limits. So, you may end up having low-quality products.

Your preferred producers should be able to tell you what they can and can’t do. Producers of eyewear should provide you with in-house design help. It includes product labeling, packaging, and more.


Importing sunglasses is worthwhile if you can’t find a local supplier. You can find producers that match your budget. It is crucial that you are happy with the quality more than anything.

Start your search for the best supplier according to the things that we listed above. It will ensure that you’ll have the highest sunglasses quality. Plus, you’ll enjoy a seamless working process.

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