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Knowledge About Sunglasses

Sunglasses are protective eyewear that have many purposes. It prevents sunlight and other high-energy light from penetrating our eyes. If you want to choose the right match for your eyes, get vital knowledge about sunglasses.

Some of it can have extra functions for those who have eye grades. Wearing the right pair of sunglasses prevents eye damage and discomfort. Get to know more about sunglasses in this article.

Do Sunglasses Block UV Light?

One of the primary functions of sunglasses is to block 100% of harmful rays from the sun. It is the light that causes can distress our eyes.

Exposure to harmful sun rays may cause certain types of cataracts. Possible macular degeneration in the eye may happen as well. Wearing a pair of sunglasses can protect your eyes and the surrounding skin.

Do Sunglasses Block Blue Light?

Sunglasses can protect from harmful blue light as well. It is a high-energy light from mobile devices and other gadgets.

The amount of protection of sunglasses can give depends on the lenses’ tint. So what would you do? It depends on the source of blue light, whether it’s from indoor or outdoor.

Photochromic sunglasses help you adjust to light indoors and outdoors. It can protect from both damaging UV rays and blue light from all those screens.

Photochromic Sunglasses can change color depending on the light exposure. With bright conditions, it turns dark. When your place goes dark, the lens’s tint switches back to light or transparent.

Between blue light glasses and photochromic sunglasses, which is a better option? It depends on your preference.

If you’re always on the go, then photochromic sunglasses are convenient to use. When playing video games or reading an e-book indoors all day, blue-light glasses work.

Can Sunglasses Have Power?

Sunglasses protect bright light and harmful rays of the sun. But did you know shades can have power?

We call it the power sunglasses. It protects a regular pair of shades and can correct the vision as well.

So if you have an eye grade and outdoor lover, power sunglasses are for you. It can cater to your fashion needs about eyewear.

You can get all-in-one eye protection and eye correction with power sunglasses. Get the right prescription for your eyes.

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Are Sunglasses Effective In Driving?

Sunglasses provide eye protection, but it is not applicable for all situations. Sunglasses come in several types. Pick one that is suitable for your needs.

For example, know the best sunglasses for driving. Polarized sunglasses are one of the best all-around shades when driving a car. It reduces reflected light on wet surfaces and the hood of other vehicles.

If you are driving all day, polarized sunglasses provide sharper contrast as well. So, you can see the road clear as crystal. It prevents temporary blindness because of the sun’s glare as well.

But if you are a pilot, regular sunglasses are a better option. Maneuvering a plane requires LCD screens that have polarizing filters.

So they will only cancel polarized sunglasses. Thus, the vision becomes darker, and it will be harder to see.

Will Sunglasses Help Cataracts?

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays increases the risk of cataracts. These are the cloudy spots that occur on the eye lens. It happens when the proteins in the lens form up.

It affects the eye retina, which compromises visual perception. So, you can cut the risk of having cataracts by protecting your eyes. Wearing sunglasses with 100% UV protection prevents and slows its development.

If you had cataract surgery, wearing protective sunglasses is a must. Some doctors would prescribe wearing post-cataract surgery sunglasses for a month. It is the most sensitive period of healing.

So wearing sunglasses helps with cataracts. Use it when going outdoors to block harmful sun rays. When you have to undergo cataract surgery, ask your doctor about cataract sunglasses.

UV protection is essential outdoors, regardless of the weather. You can wear protective sunglasses at all times. It’s a healthy habit that doesn’t have a time limit. You don’t even have to spend a large amount of money.

Can Sunglasses Protect Eyes Against Lasers?

Sunglasses do not have the proper attributes to protect our eyes against lasers. Any sunglasses are useless with laser protection.

Lasers are higher in energy, which may cause permanent eye damage. It can heat up the retina and other vulnerable eye tissues. So, it may cause permanent blindness.

We see lasers in toys, games, and laser pointers. Although most toys emit low-level lasers, you still must be cautious.

Laser exposure is present in most facial laser treatments. Sunglasses can’t protect our eyes from lasers. But there are laser safety glasses or goggles available. It protects the risks from reflection or direct beam exposure.

Laser safety eyewear comes in a variety of wavelength ranges. You must know the type of laser to determine the proper wavelength range. This way, you can get the best possible protection.


What To Look For When Choosing Sunglasses?

When choosing your sunglasses, there are some things that you have to consider. We all want to get the best for our hard-earned money.

You must invest in high-quality sunglasses that will protect your eyes. Check out these basic sunglasses attributes to remember.

100% Ultraviolet (UV) Protection

What is the point of wearing sunglasses if you can’t get protection from harmful rays? You need to get a pair with at least UV 400 for any sunglasses.

Sunglasses with this level of protection can block 100 percent of UV rays. It can filter light wavelengths up to 400 nanometers. It includes UVA and UVB rays.

Polarized Lenses

It is better if you invest in polarized lenses. It reduces the glare or the light that bounces off shiny surfaces.

You can benefit a lot from these lenses if you love going outdoors. It provides crisper images and clearer vision. You have to know that polarized lenses don’t work on LCD screens.

Good Coverage

Your sunglasses should cover your eye area well. Choose a pair that has a frame that surrounds the brow area and extends to your tear trough.

It is the ideal coverage to protect your eyes and the surrounding skin. Larger sunglasses prevent skin cancer in the fragile skin around your eyes. A wraparound style reduces the amount of UV exposure penetrating your eyes.

Sunglasses Lens Category

Sunglasses and fashion spectacles come into five categories. Each category has a specific performance in certain conditions.

Lens categories 0 and 1 are for fashion spectacles. They have a low ability to reduce sun glare. You can’t rely on its limited UV protection as well.

Lens categories 2 and 3 are the ideal options for outdoor use. It offers excellent UV protection and a reduction of glare from the sun.

The last category is special-purpose sunglasses. It provides the highest level of glare and UV protection.

Comfort and Quality

Comfortable sunglasses will make you want to wear them for an extended period. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of sunglasses. But invest in quality that will last a long time.

When To Wear Your Sunglasses?

Should you only wear your sunglasses during bright summer days? Sunglasses are essential all year round. During winter, you need sunglasses to block glares that cause temporary blindness.

What if it’s a cloudy day, and the sun is hiding behind thick clouds? You should still wear sunglasses.

Harmful rays don’t hide because you can’t see the sun. It is invisible outdoors and during the day. It means that we are all subject to exposure without knowing.

Eye protection is vital. Whether you’re going to your daily errands outside or on a trip – wear your sunglasses.

Direct sun rays are harmful with prolonged exposure. Excessive harmful exposure leads to skin burn and severe eye diseases.


Sunglasses are protective eyewear. It blocks sunlight and high-energy light that harms our sense of sight.

Knowledge of the sunglasses’ attributes is vital in choosing the right pair of shades. Get the protection that your eyes need before it becomes late for a remedy.

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