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Men’s Sunglasses 2021: Trends, Fashion, In styles, Popular

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The use of sunglasses amongst men is nothing new. It is an excellent way of protecting the eyes. They cushion individuals from harmful substances such as pollution, ultraviolet rays, and dust, amongst others. Sunglasses are available in different styles.

You can find shapes such as oval, round, and rectangular. Additionally, classic types are trendy and include Wayfarers, Geometrics, Flattops, and Aviators. The sunglasses trend keeps changing. However, some designs have been popular for quite a long time. Geometrics have been among the hot-selling styles of all time. Below the top 15 men’s sunglasses styles that will hot sell in 2021. 

1. Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses worked perfectly for John Lennon. Critics may argue that the reason behind this perfect match could be due to his iconic status. However, these sunglasses are great for anyone. Besides, there is no doubt that round sunglasses are among the popular types to find among men in 2021. A great example is one that comes with metal fronts and acetate arms, which suits square-shaped faces. Circular designs are ideal for faces with natural angles. 

2. Nineties Sunglasses

Expectations are high that nineties sunglasses are going to sell like a hot cake in 2021. It is the comeback of the Britpop era. It seems men are moving back to the styles of the nineties. You can find oversized acetate forms. They resurrect the iconic memories of the 1994 performance by Liam Gallagher in Glastonbury. Additionally, there are pleasant looking orange and blue lenses that come with titanium frames. 

3. Retro sunglasses-Clubmaster

If you keenly observe the trend for men’s shade, you realize that it moves towards round and small. It is one of the styles to expect in 2021.


4. Wrap-around sunglasses

This design was trendy in the 90s. It is making a great comeback. You won’t miss it amongst the hot-selling sunglasses for men in 2021. 

5. Geometric metal sunglasses

Another type of sunglasses to take the market by storm in 2021 is the geometric metal lenses. A fantastic feature of these types is that they make you stand out in a crowd. Due to their shape, there is a need for subtlety. Therefore, when picking geometric metal sunglasses, those with thin frames and elegant colors happen to be great. Besides, ensure you are keen on the size of these geometric sunglasses. 

6. Oversize Aviator sunglasses

Another type of sunglasses to expect in 2021 amongst men is the oversized aviator type. The Aviator is getting back into the market with a form, material, and color that you can imagine. 

The conventional type of Aviator had a bullet hole, either a two or three bars bridge. They were such a brand. Among many others, then a style to observe in 2021 is the oversize aviator sunglasses. 

7. Pilot shades

When most people hear of pilot shades, Tommy Hilfiger comes into mind. These shades are making their way into the market. Dolce and Gabbana are responsible for the geometrics in edging. 

8. Top Bar Sunglasses

The design of top bar sunglasses aims at making them seen. It is among the styles that are on the rise amongst men. In 2021, expect them to hit the market by storm to make them even more suitable. The new designs reconfigure the frame width. In the process, it reduces the polarizing aspect of the sunglasses and instead makes them more polarized. 

9. Wayfarer Sunglasses

Although there are several styles to find in 2021, Wayfarer could be amongst the rulers. Competitors of these types are, of course, geometrics. Ray-Ban is the manufacturer of the Wayfarers, and it dates back to the 1950s. Therefore, this design has been around for a long time. It is among the most popular types of all time. In fact, due to their longtime popularity, there has been synonymy between the name and shape. Their plastic frame is thick and elongated. The lenses are rectangular with round corners. You can find them in any color, although black is the most common. 

10. Browline sunglasses

Another trend to expect among men in 2021 is the Browline. These sunglasses differ from the likes of Wayfarers, Geometrics, and Aviators. Brownline is unique due to its metal and plastic construction. Besides, the thick upper section resembles eyebrows and thus the name “Browline.” The first manufacture of these sunglasses was in the 1940s. They became popular for the next three decades. It is only in around 2010 that they came back. Now, expect them again as we move to 2021. 

11. Mirror coatings sunglasses

The mirrored coatings are one of the next big things in the men’s sunglasses styles in 2021. It is not just for hiding from the paparazzi, but this design will undoubtedly hit the market by storm. 

12. Athletic sport sunglasses

Can you remember Aspen’s ski slopes? Well, put them aside. In 2021, expect sunglasses that incorporate an urban style. Athletic was a popular trend in 2015, but its popularity seems not to subside in any way in 2021. It is a sporting heritage that goes well with casual than formal wear. 

13. Sporty horizontal wraparound sunglasses

Peter Fonda made this style popular during his rides in the late 1960s. The long oval lenses curves to hug the face. It makes these sunglasses a perfect style for cruising trails. The classic style of these shades continues to maintain them in the list of most favorite sunglasses. In 2021, they are not among those to be left behind amongst the top-selling styles.

14. Green Screens

The bright green reflective shades are coming back into the market. It is a style that works great with graphic prints. Besides, it is modern, classic, and fresh. It is amongst the shades that should not take you by surprise if you find them everywhere in 2021. 

15. Clip-On’s

Forget the sole magnetic clip-on’s. Integration with an eyewear frame leads to a style that every sunglasses enthusiast has to look at at least twice. In 2021, expect a trend of transforming magnetic clip-on lenses into sunglasses. The clip-on’s are great when it comes to designing sun blockers from prescription eyewear. When they take up that funky arms design to form sunglasses, no one can realize that they are prescription. 


You now know the top fifteen men’s sunglasses that you should expect to sell like a hot cake in 2021. Some of them are making their comeback after several years of staying underwaters. But geometrics and Wayfarers are no new. In fact, geometrics have been so popular in the market and have taken the position for a long time. 

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