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Metal Sunglasses Vs. Plastic Sunglasses, Which Is Better?

When it comes to choosing sunglasses, you can pick from either metal or plastic materials. But which between these two components is better? Each style offers pros, but there are also downfalls. So, it all boils down to identifying the features that you need and being aware of its drawbacks.

Metal sunglasses are durable and ductile. It is an excellent choice if you are a traveler or for daily commute purposes. But if you want more styles, shapes, and colors, plastic sunglasses are a better option. You can choose this eyeglass if you’re playing sports and need eye protection. The strongest kind of plastic for sunnies is polycarbonate.

Manufacturers use either metal or plastic materials for the frames. In this post, let me help you choose which is better to wear. I’ll be sharing the advantages and downfalls of each material. Get the best sunnies that will suit your style and needs.

Comparison Of Metal Sunglasses & Plastic Sunglasses

If you want the best sunglasses, you need to make a comparison first. Aren’t we all like this when we decide to buy something for ourselves, but torn between two options? This way, you’ll understand which one is a perfect fit for you. So, here are things to consider when buying your next pair of shades.


Are you a frequent traveler who always forget the sunglasses cover? Do you need eye protection for daily commutes? If the answer is yes to both questions, then metal sunglasses are right for you. It is durable enough for every day.

You can also get that traditional sunnies style. Its material is also ductile. Thus, you can readjust without any problems when it gets out of shape.

But if you do a lot of outdoor activities like fishing and skiing, plastic sunglasses are better to use. It can take on high impacts and scratches, which often are the results of extreme sports.


The longevity of sunglasses, either metal or plastic, depends on different factors. First, how well the producers made it? Second, how often do you wear and maintain it? With proper techniques and high-quality results, most metal sunglasses are corrosion-resistant.

Plastic sunnies can also last long, but it has the tendency to fade and discolor over time. It’s because plastic is a material that reacts to different environmental elements. Thus, longevity depends on how often you wear and maintain the lenses.

But, there are many types of plastic used in sunglasses. So, make sure that you pick polycarbonate material. It is a durable plastic and more impact-resistant than the regular ones.


Are you looking for a pair of sunglasses wherein you can match your outfit? Do you love styling and fashion? If so, plastic shades are for you. It gives you an endless array of different styles and shapes.

But if you want the traditional and classic style, metal sunglasses are better. Its design may be quite limited, but it will give you that vintage yet distinctive look.

When it comes to style, nothing is wrong or right. You can go classy or bubbly and play with the shapes. It all depends on your preference.

Metal Sunglasses


Plastic shades will give you different colors to wear. So, if you want to make a statement or express your mood by wearing sunglasses, it is a better choice to make. You can pick from primary colors like red, blue, and other combinations.

Most metal sunglasses are only available in metal, silver, and gold colors. You only have limited options, but these hues are perfect for ‘luxury’ style.


The majority of plastic sunglasses use colorized plastic like polycarbonate. It is a durable plastic that has the least weight. It may be lightweight, but this plastic has the most impact-resistant. Thus, it can withstand the impact of a steel ball that travels about 160 km per hour.

Plastic lenses also have ultraviolet filtering for 100% vision protection. So, you can prevent eye degrading. Impressive isn’t it?

Some producers still use glass materials on the lenses. Quality glass material will give you the best vision. It is also scratch-resistant, but it is heavier to wear than plastic. Unlike its counterpart. When an object traveling at a fast speed hits it, it may break.

Both materials can do well in giving you eye protection. The coatings and polarized filters will, somehow, make the difference in the performance. The highest quality lenses should not distort shapes and lines once you wear them. You should still get an accurate vision.


Apart from the lenses, you should also consider the frame materials. It dictates whether the pair of sunglasses are comfortable to wear or not. Metal frames are often a combination of stainless steel, copper, and nickel. It is more durable, thinner, and lightweight. Thus, it is more expensive than plastic.

We’ll talk more about frame materials in a while. For now, here are the 3 types of shades the GM Sunglasses offer.

  • Plastic Sunglasses – PC frame and temples.
  • Metal Sunglasses – Metal frame and temples.
  • Combination Frame Sunglasses – Plastic frames and metal temples or vice versa.

Plastic frames are thicker, but it is excellent for people with eye grades. It can hold thick lenses. You can also find most sunglasses with plastic frames affordable.

But you will notice that most plastic frames don’t have nose pads. It means you have to make sure that the frame fits your nose bridge. If not, you’ll have to push your sunglasses up all the time.

Metal frames are thinner and durable. This material can resist corrosion. Do you care more about getting the classic look over colorful options? Metal sunglasses make an excellent choice.

Since titanium is hypoallergenic, you can choose it if you have skin allergies and sensitivities. If not, beryllium and stainless steels are popular for strength and resistance. You can rely on it if you like spending a lot of time fishing or in other abrasive environments.

Clear Plastic Sunglasses

Why Should You Use Metal Sunglasses?

If you want a pair of sunnies with a definitive style, then use them. Metal sunglasses are durable and will give you that classic style. You can never go wrong with wearing it because it can match any outfit.

What if you’re into sports and you also prefer metal sunglasses? Is it a safe option?

We mentioned earlier that polycarbonate sunglasses are more suitable for outdoor sports. But if you believe that metal sunglasses are for you, look for a pair with monel or flexon.

These are excellent materials that can make sunglasses more malleable. Thus, the sunglasses will return to their original shape after twisting or bending.

But if your eyes need a prescription, metal sunglasses are not for you. The frames and temples are thinner. So, they can’t accommodate heavier and thicker lenses.

Why Should You Use Plastic Sunglasses?

You can use plastic sunglasses if you are reasonable and more fashionable. The price is a little bit high, but it offers impressive durability. It’s a lot better if you can choose polycarbonate from a regular plastic material.

Polycarbonate sunglasses are a favorite choice for sports enthusiasts and outgoers. These are safe sunnies with high-impact resistance. The frames may be thicker than metal, but it is still lightweight to wear.

Notice that designers’ sunglasses will always be expensive regardless of the materials used. So, don’t get surprised if you see a pair of plastic shades that have the same or higher price as metal sunglasses.

Plastic sunglasses offer high-quality protection in a very stylish way. You can choose from many colors and shapes. Whether it is for non-prescription or prescription sunglasses, there’s something for you.

One common downfall of plastic material is it may discolor or fade over time. Since plastic is flexible, it may also lose a bit of its shape in the long run.

Exposure to the skin, hair products, and other environmental factors can cause dullness. Thus, PC sunglasses need maintenance, especially if you’ll wear them every day.

These are the reasons why you should choose quality producers. Always look for durable sunglasses. You can guarantee that you can use it for a long time, and it’s safe.


Choosing which is better from metal sunglasses vs plastic sunglasses is confusing. It can be a headache if you don’t know where to begin. But for as long as you keep in mind our list of pros and cons, you’ll get through it. If you’re still unsure what to get, what about trying combination frame sunglasses?

You can choose metal frames if you prefer having nose pads and that classic look. Or pick polycarbonate frames if you want something stylish and durable. You can mix plenty of plastic and metal materials if you wish for the best of both worlds.

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