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Polycarbonate Sunglasses Vs. Polarized – Which Is Better?

Have you been checking many eyewear stores? So, you know about polycarbonate and polarized sunglasses. They have many styles, shapes, and forms. But between these two variations, which is a better choice?

For daily trips, polycarbonate is good. Polarized are better for prolonged outdoor activities. You can get full protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays. It also consists of a special filter that prevents harmful light rays. Plus, you can see no glare in your eyes.

Sometimes it’s confusing to choose the right type of sunglasses. But it’s all about identifying your purpose for wearing it. In this post, let me talk more about polycarbonate vs. polarized sunglasses.

What Do Polycarbonate Sunglasses Mean?

It is a durable plastic material used in the production of sunglasses. It offers a long-lasting impact resistance compared to any lens in plastic or glass.

You won’t feel much weight on your nose or around the ears when you wear it. You can also get 100% protection from UV rays.

Of course, you want your glasses to have this quality. If not, it would be unworthy to wear a pair of sunglasses.

Are Polycarbonate Sunglasses For You?

Are you traveling a lot? Do you only drive in the morning to work? If so, then these sunglasses are for you.

If you have sensitive eyes, you may not want to use this sunspecs. It has no protection against glare. But some have an anti-reflective coating which is a safe option.

What does the anti-reflective coating do? It is a chemical layer that manufacturers apply to the surface of lenses.

It can cut off the glare while allowing safe light to get through our eyes for better vision. But it is not enough to filter horizontal light rays, which are bad for you. You can also reduce the eye pressure of digital screens when you wear them.

What are Polarized Sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses have better features when you need to protect your eyes outdoors. Of course, you can enjoy various styles and comfort in wearing them.

It is also excellent for reducing eye tension on bright sunny days. So, you can have better clarity.

Do you know what it’s like to become blind for a short period because of the dazzling sun? The good news is, you won’t feel this frustration anymore.

Polarised sunglasses are effective at blocking the reflection of light entering your eyes.

Are Polarized Sunglasses For You?

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, the polarized shades are great to use. It has 100% UV protection so you can shield your eyes against harmful sun rays.

So, you can prevent or slow down the degradation of the eyes. Plus, you can avoid accidents due to glare resulting in temporary blindness.

The producers press polarized filters between two layers of lenses. Then, it translates into polarization.

I know what you think; what is polarization? Think of polarization as a sponge that absorbs water.

It is the process of absorbing light waves from a horizontal position. Unlike the anti-reflective coating, polarized sunglasses do not do well on digital screens.

It’s because the LCD already has polarizing filters. Thus, they’ll cancel each other out.

Square Sunglasses

Comparison Of Polycarbonate & Polarized Sunglasses

The purpose, the style, and your budget – these will help you decide which one is for you. Always consider the three factors in choosing a pair of sunglasses. If you’re not sure what to choose between these two shades, don’t worry. Let me make a quick comparison.


The polycarbonate and polarized lenses are spherical. But there’s a common distinction – the first one is often lighter. It may be 35% lighter and thinner than polarized sunglasses.


The polycarbonate and polarized sunglasses are both plastics. But they’re different in composition.

Polycarbonate is the first high-index lens for a better reflection of light. So the user can get a clear view.  It is only a chemical, so it’s also thinner but longer-lasting.

Meanwhile, polarized sunglasses have special filters. It helps prevent glare and intense light reflection.


Polycarbonate sunglasses became more popular because of their thin yet durable lenses. It is suitable for daily trips or driving when there’s intense sunlight.

Polarized sunglasses, but it’s great when you stay out most of the day. It has a filter that can block glare so that you can see better.


Most parents who are looking for sunglasses for their children prefer polycarbonate. It is lightweight and provides 100% UV Protection.

It’s enough to protect your eyes while you have comfort wearing sunglasses. Children are often active, so they also need the best care without feeling too heavy.

The polarized sunglasses are excellent for outgoers. It can protect anyone’s eyes whether you are an angler or someone who drives all day long. The lenses are also famous for people who like to travel often.


Polarized sunglasses are more expensive than polycarbonate. A pair of polarized shades can cost up to $500 depending on its features and brand.

But you will get more effectiveness, durability, and quality. Think of it as an excellent investment for your eye health.

If you have a budget and you’re not out all day, polycarbonate shades would do great. It is durable, lightweight, and can give you a clear view. You can rely on complete protection against UV rays.

So,Which Is Better?

There is no sure winner between polycarbonate and polarized sunglasses. It’s because both tones offer unique advantages for different conditions.

Sunglass frames can contain different lenses. It’s because people have different problems or eye disorders.

Thus, producers create specific lenses to meet these needs. Let us take a look at what makes each shade a better option.

Polycarbonate SunglassesPolarized Sunglasses
Lightweight to useComplete glare protection
100% UV protectionDurable and fashionable
High-impact resistanceSharper and clearer images
Ideal for kidsIncreased clarity and comfort
Suitable for less frequent travelersPerfect for travelers
Revo Coating Wood Sunglasses

 What Should You Get?

The best option is to take a pair of polarized polycarbonate sunglasses. It is a combination of two high-grade materials for the best function.

With the current technology, it is now possible to do so. It may be a little expensive, but you’ll be paying for quality.

Always think about your purpose first. Do you need UV protection for daily trips? Or does your job force you to stay outdoors all day?

Identify the reason to wear sunglasses because it’s the only way to get the right pair.


The polycarbonate and polarized sunglasses provide complete protection against harmful sunlight. Polarized filters do an excellent job by filtering UV rays.

You can prevent macular degeneration and other eye conditions. Some polycarbonate shades also have an anti-reflective coating for the protection of glare.

Now that you know their differences, identify the reason why you wear sunglasses. I promise that choosing what to use makes it much easier. You’ll know which is best between polycarbonate sunglasses vs. polarized.

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