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Sunglasses Vs. Power Sunglasses

power sunglasses

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Not everyone is aware of power sunglasses. We know regular sunglasses, but only a few know about Power sunglasses. So, what is it, and what are its differences from regular sunglasses?

Regular sunglasses provide eye protection from the bright light and sun’s harmful rays. Power sunglasses do the same, but with extra attributes. It can do all the functions of regular sunglasses and vision correction.

The eyewear industry has been innovating to meet fashion and function. People can use sunglasses that best fit your heir eye condition. Let’s take a peek at the differences between sunglasses vs power sunglasses.

What Are Sunglasses?

Sunglasses are protective eyewear that blocks sunlight and high-energy visible light. It helps in preventing eye damage in the long run.

Apart from being functional, it enhances fashion as well. Modern sunglasses come in many lens colors and designs.

Ultraviolet rays are no good for our eyes. It can damage vision by clouding the eye lens or burn the delicate parts of the retina.

So, we all need the right eye protection to block as much as 97 percent of harmful sun rays.

But what if you want protection from harmful sunlight, and you have specific eye needs? Then, power sunglasses might be for you.

When Do You Need Sunglasses?

You need to wear sunglasses when going outdoors the entire day. It should have at least UV 400 protection that blocks 100 percent of harmful sun rays.

You can use sunglasses when driving, fishing, and skiing. When you know that you’re going to get prolonged exposure to sunlight, protect your eyes.

Wearing sunglasses can help protect against eye conditions. It includes cataracts, glaucoma, and other illness that can cause blindness.

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What Are Power Sunglasses?

Power sunglasses are for people with eye problems. They have compromised abilities to read, write, and do other activities. It corrects the vision of those people with certain eye conditions as well.

The power of sunglasses varies depending on the wearer’s eye problem and its extent. Diopter is the measurement used for optical power. It dictates the thickness of the lens needed for power sunglasses.

For example, an old lady with presbyopia can use power sunglasses with at least +100 diopters. If you have myopic eyes, then you can use power sunglasses with -100 or -200 diopter. It depends according to the actual power tested for the eyes.

Power sunglasses serve all the basic purposes of regular sunglasses while correcting vision. It is an excellent option for all ages who have special eye needs.

With these innovations, you can correct your vision while wearing stylish sunglasses. It provides a better and clear vision through high-graded optical materials.

When Do You Need Power Sunglasses?

Most of the time, an Ophthalmologist will tell you when it is time to get a pair of power sunglasses. If you are experiencing problems with your vision, consult an expert.

Some problems of the vision include long-sightedness, short-sightedness, or astigmatism. But only an eye doctor would tell you the right diopter for your power sunglasses.

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Benefits Of Power Sunglasses

It was a challenge to pull fashionable sunglasses for people with eye conditions. Some can’t even have the right eye protection from the sun. So, it makes their eye conditions even worse.

But power sunglasses give the best of both worlds. It offers protection from the harmful rays of the sun while correcting vision.

The lens may be thicker depending on your eye prescription needs. But you can choose different styles and colors of the frame.

Power sunglasses do good more than harm. If you are in doubt about wearing power sunglasses for the first time, here are some of its benefits.

Power Sunglasses Enhances Visual Clarity.

It was impossible to get visual clarity from sunglasses for those who have eye disorders. But it was before the existence of power sunglasses.

New generation technology in producing power sunglasses reduces eye stress. Plus, it keeps your eye cool. So, you can feel more comfortable while outdoors.

Power sunglasses offer high-quality lenses that enhance vision. So, you don’t have to settle with your regular eyeglass. It is available for all kinds of corrective prescriptions.

But you have to visit an eye specialist to get the correct diopter or measurement for your eye condition. So you can get the right power sunglasses made to correct defective vision. Using these power sunglasses will help with improving vision correction.

Power Sunglasses Provides Protection From Harmful Sun Rays.

Protection from the harmful rays of the sun is what we all need. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is radiation that the sun emits. While it has some benefits like the production of Vitamin D, it can cause health risks.

As they say, anything is too much. Vitamin D from the sun is ideal to get in the morning, before nine o’clock. Prolonged exposure may worsen the existing eye condition or develop a new one.

Wearing sunglasses is like applying sunscreen to the skin. It has the same purpose of protecting against the sun’s rays.

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Power Sunglasses Adapt.

Wearing spectacles that don’t match the weather outside makes anyone feel uncomfortable. Imagine yourself going outdoors, feeling the heat of the sun through your face.

Some people would feel discomfort with the temporary blindness caused by glare. What more those who have eye disorders? Some of them couldn’t even wear sunglasses because of those thick lens eyeglasses.

Power sunglasses give their wearer adaptability. You can choose from many options that will suit your face and the protection required.

No need to limit yourself with thick eyeglasses anymore. People with special eye needs can wear sunglasses without compromising their eye condition.

Power Sunglasses Bring The Fashionista In You.

Those people who have eye disorders have lost faith in regular sunglasses. Even if they wanted to wear a pair, their eyes wouldn’t allow them.

But power sunglasses open up a variety of stylish eyewear for those who need it. You can experiment with different frame shapes and colors at your disposal.

Choose a pair of power sunglasses that will bring out the best in you. When you feel good about yourself, you are more confident of being outdoors. Match your style with the right protection that your eye needs.


Sunglasses protect our eyes against the harmful rays of the sun. Power sunglasses do the same purpose while correcting the vision of the wearer.

Not every one of us has a good pair of healthy eyes. So some people born with certain eye conditions need protection from harmful UV rays. But today, we all can enjoy trendsetting regular and power sunglasses.

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