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Top 10 Sunglasses Manufacturers in China

The need for sunglasses continues to rise, especially these days when people have become more aware of the effects of harmful UV rays. As one of the pivotal players in the eyewear industry, China’s contribution has gone beyond mere manufacturing. If you want to build a successful brand, you must partner with the best.

From high-end luxury brands to affordable quality options, many Chinese manufacturers can cater to a broad spectrum of consumers. So, we’ve listed down the top sunglasses manufacturers in China. Find out what are the strengths and product offerings of each manufacturer.

GM Sunglasses

Location: Taizhou, China

Company type: Manufacturing, Wholesale, Exporter, OEM/ODM

Year founded: 2011

The number of employees: 50

Main products: Fashion Sunglasses

Other products: Sports sunglasses, Polarized Sunglasses, Kids Sunglasses, Reading Sunglasses, Blue Light glasses, Metal Sunglasses, PC Sunglasses


GM Sunglasses is a reliable and trusted manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter primarily of fashion sunglasses. Both new and existing eyewear brands can rely on this manufacturer. Upon browsing their website, you can see the quality and attention to detail on each pair of eyewear that they produce. GM Sunglasses has more than ten years of experience in creating products based on customers’ perspectives. So, expect well-polished personalized sunglasses that would fit your brand.

GM Sunglasses stands out for its rich company background, culture, and extensive experience in the eyewear industry. There are plenty of modern and stylish sunglasses that can fit a wide variety of market segments. Aside from fashion sunglasses, they also produce sports and kids’ sunglasses. There are also anti-blue light glasses to add to your collection. As a one-stop sunglasses production company – you can rely on their design, sample development, and packaging services.

All of GM sunglasses products are produced strictly according to international quality standards CE and FDA, and meet standards EU ENISO12312-1 and Australia: AS/NZS 1067:2003.

They also comply with social compliance audits by BSCI, Sedex, Walmart, etc.

Their products are mainly exported to Europe, North America, South America, Japan, and others.


Location: Taizhou, China

Company type: Manufacturing, Wholesale

Year founded: 1992

The number of employees: 2,000 

Main products: All kinds of sun shades for men and women.

Other products: Acetate optical, sun shades, studying glasses, and metal frames.


YC (Yingchang) Sunglasses is one of China’s skilled manufacturers and wholesalers of sunshades. Since 1992, YC Group has been a leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing premium sunglasses. With over 2,000 staff and an extra 50 highly expert engineers who are experts in manufacturing sunglasses, the quality of each pair of eyewear is beyond expectations.

YC Sunglasses uses titanium, plastic, acetate, and steel in their sunglasses. They can help you sort out all of the certification problems to ensure the standard of your products. All you have to do is communicate your brand goals, design options, create a website, and sell your sunglasses under your brand.

Baiyu Eyewear Co., Ltd

Location: Zhejiang Province, China

Company type: Wholesaler, Distributor

Year founded: 2018

The number of employees: 11 – 50

Main products: Custom promotional sunglasses, polarized, and fashion sunglasses

Other products: Blue light and reading glasses


Whether you need to order small or large orders – Baiyu Eyewear Co., Ltd is a professional supplier and manufacturer of custom sunglasses. Choose from various products like promotional, polarized, and fashion sunglasses that would suit your brand. The manufacturer also produces blue light and reading glasses for all ages.

Even this manufacturer has only been 5 years in the eyewear industry, Baiyu has extensive manufacturing experience and established itself as one of the best manufacturers. It also has CE and FDA certifications that ensure all products meet the requirements of USA and European markets.

XunQi Glasses Co., Ltd

Location: Guangdong Province, China

Company type: Manufacturer, Trader, Exporter

Year founded: 2005

The number of employees: 100

Main products: Sport eyewear

Other products: Fashion sunglasses, military goggles


XunQi Glasses Co., Ltd has everything from frame less cycling sunglasses to large-cylinder ski goggles. They produce sports sunglasses, ski, motocross goggles, and fit-over sunglasses. You can also choose from their fashion sunglasses and military goggles. If you want to venture into outdoor eyewear, this manufacturer always commits to producing quality products.

As one of the most successful and stable port sunglasses manufacturers for about 18 years, it has firmly established itself as a leader in producing high-performance sports sunglasses. Each pair embodies innovation, durability, and style. So, start selling performance-driven eyewear needed for peak performance.

Dikoula Group (HK) Co.,Limited

Location: Jiangxi, China

Company type: Manufacturer, Exporter

Year founded: 2000

The number of employees: 2,000

Main products: Wide Variety of Custom Sunglasses

Other products: Music sunglasses, acetate sunglasses, goggles


Dikoula Group (HK) Co., Limited produces stylish, functional sunglasses and goggles. With about 30 QC staff, 5 R&D engineers, and 2,000 employees – it creates many high-quality glasses for multiple brands in different countries. The company’s commitment to quality is evident in each pair for better vision, protection, and comfort.

Dikoula is famous for setting trends and high standards in the sunglasses industry. Their unique and stylish designs often influence broader fashion trends, making them a favorite among fashion-forward consumers.

Xiamen Jiayu Optical Co., Ltd

Location: Fujian, China

Company type: Wholesalers, Distributors, Retailers

Year founded: 2009

The number of employees: 11 – 50

Main products: Fashion & sports sunglasses, safety glasses, ski goggles, optical frames

Other products: Lenses and custom sunglasses OEM & ODM sunglasses

jy 1

Leading the way in technological innovation, Xiamen Jiayu Optical Co., Ltd uses cutting-edge technology in their sunglasses. It caters to many brands, making them a go-to premium eyewear manufacturer.

Xiamen has a great understanding of the growing demand for customized eyeglasses and sunglasses for various market segments. So, you can choose from their vast collection of sunglasses and other bespoke services for your preferred design.


Location: China

Company type: Manufacturer, Supplier

Year founded: 2008

The number of employees: 300

Main products: Custom sunglasses, sports eyewear, blue light glasses, ski goggles

Other products: Frames, safety goggles, medical goggles


With its wide variety of options, Heappy will undoubtedly accommodate your custom design. The company offers a complete line of sunglasses for all ages and genders. There are also options for sports or outdoor eyewear. You can also add anti-blue light glasses to your collection.

Each pair comes in stylish and trendy looks that are sure to be hit in the market. Heappy has worked with many sunglasses brands and always seeks solutions for various customers’ demands. Save your effort, and let Heappy help build the eyewear brand you dream of.

Wenzhou Sanshan Optical Co., Ltd

Location: Zhejiang, China

Company type: Manufacturer, Supplier

Year founded: 1999

The number of employees: 500

Main products: Reading and sunglasses

Other products: Optical


Having the experience to work with various big brands like Sketchers, Fila, and Ralph Lauren – Wenzhou Sanshan Optical Co., Ltd deserves a spot on this list. Since 1999, the company has been striving to provide the best wholesale eyewear. It has established a strong global presence and built long-lasting partnerships with international distributors through the years.

So, you can rely on quality products that have been through strict processes. In addition, they provide certifications that meet US and European standards. You can always go right with Wenzhou when it comes to functional and stylish reading glasses and sunglasses.

iDetail Eyewear

Location: Shenzhen City, China

Company type: Manufacturer

Year founded: 2011

The number of employees: 50

Main products: OEM and ODM Sunglasses

Other products: Eyeglass frames


Precision is the focus of Detail Eyewear. This manufacturer will help design sunglasses, confirm production, and control quality. It ensures that every detail is correct based on your design and perspective. Expect stylish frames with precise lenses for each pair of eyewear they produce.

Bring your vision to life, and let Detail Eyewear help you create the next big thing in the industry. It’s where functionality, comfort, and aesthetics meet.

TaiZhou Feirong Glasses Co., Ltd

Location: Taizhou Duqiao

Company type: Manufacturer, Supplier

Year founded: 2011

The number of employees: 50

Main products: Oem Sunglasses, eyeglasses, fashion sunglasses, TR90, sports sunglasses

Other products: Promotional and party sunglasses, face shields, glasses accessories


TaiZhou Feirong Glasses Co., Ltd offers high-quality eyewear products at competitive prices. Founded in 2011, this manufacturer has built a good reputation with various customers worldwide. They have catered to the eyewear needs of different brands in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and some Asia Countries. TaiZhou’s unique and stylish designs with various options influence broader fashion trends.


Regardless of the type of eyewear you want to sell, looking for a reliable manufacturer and supplier is essential. Sunglasses are more than just about fashion. It’s also about protection, correcting vision, and innovation. Choose a manufacturer to turn your visions and designs into reality while harnessing a long-lasting relationship. As one of the best sunglasses manufacturers in China, we can say that GM Sunglasses is a top option. It caters to various types of eyewear for all ages. This manufacturer has the experience, technology, skills, and knowledge to bring your vision into a reality.

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