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Top 12 sunglasses trends for 2023 spring summer

As a professional fashion jewelry buyer or top sunglasses designer, many things will pop up in your mind – the trends, styles, and color combinations that will become the mainstream in the spring and summer of 2023, so that the company can plan and decide which types of sunglasses to be put on shelves, in what color and packaging design at that time of the year.

We’ve been researching the market trends and summarize the following 12 sunglasses that will lead the market in the spring/summer of 2023.

#1 Oversized extra large sunglasses for women

Oversized extra-large sunglasses have been existing in the market for all year 2020-2022. But there are reasons I still put them at the top of my list for 2023. This series has been the most popular one in 2022 due to its simplicity and visually striking. Along with its rising trending search, it will continue to lead the market in the spring/summer of 2021.

#2 Cateye sunglasses for women

The cateye sonnenbrille are more feminine-looking shades. Over the years it always has been popular among women group because this series of glasses styles will make your face look thinner with a sense of luxury and enchantment. It has become one of the classical and essential accessories that is suitable for all year round.

#3 Round designer sunglasses

Retro style has been trendy for years whether in clothing or accessories. The colorful round sunglasses is one of them, and nearly 70-80% of all retro round frame sunglasses are suitable for both men and women.

#4 Flat sunglasses

The chart below shows that the popularity of flat sunglasses is still on a rise. In most cases, the frames of this type are large with a very simple and generous feeling.

#5 Aviator sunglasses trend

Compared to other series, the aviator sunglasses can be the eternal classic. Every year there are huge amounts of cool pilot-designed glasses available in the market. The trend of this series has been turned to the creativity of lens colors. More fresh and bright lens colors will become a fashion among young people in 2023, such as translucent colored lenses and mirrored lenses.

#6 Ladies’ square sunglasses

Oversized squared sunglasses can shape your face. It usually attracts a certain amount groups. It is a great choice If you want to add a simple and elegant series to your collections for the year 2023 to show your strong personalities.

#7 Colored plastic sunglasses

There is no doubt that bright-colored design lenses frequently appear in brand fashion shows. This type is loved by the generation after the 80s. It even gets popular among the generation after the 90s and 00s because of its stylish colored design with a bit of exaggeration compared to the old school types. By matching with clothing, it strongly shows a person’s cool personality and is suitable for a street snap and becomes a spotlight.

Different translucent plastic frames matching translucent PC lenses of the same color have become one of the designers’ proud. The remarkable ones are crystal nude frames with tinted light brown lenses, other colored sets are also trendy such as light blue-tinted lens sunglasses, pink-tinted lens shades, red-tinted lens frames, orange-tinted frames, etc.

#8 Ladies’ white sunglasses

The white sunglasses seem to be more trendy in the market as it’s been shown frequently at different fashion brand catwalk shows. Thus we conducted a market analysis and it appears that our guess is correct – that the demand for white plastic-framed sunglasses is on the rise. Meanwhile, we found that Louis Vuitton, Moncler, and other major brands are launching white sunglasses. It is a classical match with a white plastic frame and a black lens, and also to bring a little refreshment to the hot summer.

#9 Embellished sunglasses

This type is more of the decorative article and usually more exaggerated in design. They are loved especially by the young girls for the edge of the glasses are with a variety of exaggerated designs that perfectly revealed the strong personality of young people.

#10 Skinny fashion sunglasses

This type of slim fashion sunglasses can be dated back to the last ’50s to ’90s. In 2019, this retro style started to make a comeback. Many would think it flashy due to its narrowed lenses and without UV protection. But it does not prevent people from pursuing its fashion and elegance at all.  Men like squared types while women prefer cat-eye shapes.

#11 mirrored designer sunglasses

From GOOGLE TRENDS analysis, mirrored lens sunglasses became on fire ever since 2016 till 2019 when it slightly gets cooled down. For the year 2023, the market size of this series will still remain stable as people will never get tired of pursuing its fashion. Rather than the pure dull black, the brown lenses, G15 green lenses, and REVO coated lenses appear to be more rich and colorful. These type of colors can easily match clothes and in general looks really cool and stylish.

#12 Geometric sunglasses

Geometric sunglasses are also very popular in recent years. With its features of UV protection, it is also a stylish accessory, which absolutely makes you the hotspot out of the street.


If you would like to know more about what sunglasses are in style, GM Sunglasses could always surprise you. Or if you have any more thoughts about sunglasses trends, please just leave a comment and let’s discuss more about it!

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