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What Are Prescription Sunglasses – Complete Guide

Are you tired of putting on clip-on prescription lenses? End all these woes with a pair of prescription sunglasses. What is it, and what does it do? Here’s a complete guide that you need to read.

Prescription sunglasses provide complete UV protection for travelers who have eye problems. It offers more convenience when outdoors and defense against harsh sun rays. You can finally say goodbye to the hassle of contact and clip-on lenses.

People who have prescription glasses also need eye protection outdoors. Imagine how hard it is to see on a bright and sunny day. How much more for those people who have eye grades? If you think that you need this eyewear, keep on reading. This post aims to answer all questions about prescription sunglasses.

What Is Prescription Sunglass?

Whether you do a lot of outdoor activities or travel, it will help you see better. It has extra features that regular sunglasses don’t have. Plus, you can even look more fashionable while wearing it outside.

Convenience is another excellent benefit of using prescription sunglasses. Unlike clip-on lenses, you don’t have to attach it to your eyeglasses anymore. You could also say goodbye to the hassle of putting and removing contact lenses.

Finally, prescribed sunglasses come in different options. You’re free to choose various lenses, frames, and style according to your preference. With this eyewear, you get to see clearer outdoors.

Most of all, the best feature of prescription sunglasses is ultraviolet ray blockers. This feature is not common with regular reading eyeglasses. Thus, you can get full protection for your eyes, even for prolonged exposure to the sun.

Who Should Wear Prescription Sunglasses?

Outgoing persons with eye conditions can wear prescription sunglasses. If you’re one of those travelers with eye grades, make sure to get one for yourself. Well, only if you want to upgrade your clip-on and contact lenses.

This prescribed eyewear has features that are beneficial for blocking harmful ultraviolet rays. It also guarantees that you can still see even with dark tints. You can wear it to keep your vision unhindered while keeping your eyes healthy.

Two Pieces Sunglasses On Beach

Why Should You Wear Prescription Sunglasses?

We all know the harsh effects of ultraviolet rays. Whether it’s from the sun or human-made ultraviolet rays, it’s terrible for our eyes. Thus, you should wear prescription sunglasses for protection and comfort.

Unfortunately, regular reading glasses don’t offer ultraviolet protection. It means you can’t avoid bad eye damages over time. I will give you more reasons why you need sunglasses prescribed function.

1.Are More Convenient

Prescription sunglasses are everything that you need while outdoors. It protects your eyes from the sun with the vision correction you need. With all your gadgets, you can also save some space in your bag. You don’t have to bring another pair of clip-on lenses, contact lens cases, and a cleaning solution.

2.Can Be Stylish

Unlike regular eyeglasses, you can be stylish wearing prescribed sunglasses. You have more freedom to choose different styles. Pick the color that you want. Or wear the appropriate shape for your face. Whether you prefer trendy or classic designs, you can pick from varying options.

3.Available With All Types Of Prescriptions

Do you need reading, distance, and progressive eyewear? You can have it all with prescription sunglasses. It comes with both standard or thick lenses. You also pick high-index or those that are lighter and thinner lenses. Regardless of your eye grade, there are specific lenses that you can use.

Single Vision is the most prevalent prescribed lens. You can use it if you have astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. Second, Progressive Or Multifocals prescriptions will help you see through various perspectives. It takes practice and time to use it, but modern techniques made it easy to manage. Finally, Bifocals will help you give you more details of the images that you see. Drivers with eyesight problems can also use this lens.

4.UV Protection

UV protection is the primary purpose of sunglasses. So, make sure that you have prescribed lenses that can block 100% of ultraviolet rays. It should absorb all harmful UVA and UVB light that can hurt your eyes. You can also add polarized filters to get extra glare protection.

A Woman Wearing A Sunglasses

How To Pick The Right Prescription Sunglasses?

Picking prescribed eyewear takes time. It’s because you have to consider your eye condition and your preferred style. It involves the frames, color, lenses, and matching it to your face. So, here are primary factors to consider in choosing the best prescription sunglasses.

1.Get The Correct Eye Grade Or Identify Eye Condition.

First, you need to ensure that you have the correct eye grade or identify any eye conditions. How? The only way is to consult with your doctor. This way, you’ll know what you need for your vision. Thus, you can buy sunglasses that correct your vision.

2.Choose The Right Color.

Choose the right frame color, depending on your preference. Lenses also come in various hues for different purposes.

Brown is the most popular option for sunglasses for wanderers. It provides the broadest light spectrum. Meanwhile, gray is suitable for bright environments. It is a better option if you’re going to the beach and do other water activities.

Red tint lenses improve road visibility and depth perception. It is perfect for sports and other activities that need careful footing. Next, yellow adds contrast to indoor or outdoor environments. This color lens also adds sharpness to your vision.

Finally, blue lenses can enhance your color perception while reducing glare. Due to the natural calming effect, blue tints are good for anxiety and other visual stressors.

3.Pick The Perfect Style.

If you want to be more fashionable, the sunglasses’ style and shape are your next priority. You would look even better if you can complement the class with your face shape. Then, consider the frame material. Most sunglasses are from metal or plastic. Metal frames offer stronger support. But it is more expensive compared to plastic material. Meanwhile, plastic frames are enough to give you a reliable pair of sunglasses.

Once you have the frame, do you want a full-frame, half-frame, and frameless style? Full-frame sunglasses provide the strongest protection, especially for the lens. Meanwhile, half-frame sunglasses only have a frame on the top of the lenses. Finally, frameless doesn’t have any frame at all. It’s the newest style in the market. The latter, for me, has the most modern style.

Another thing to consider is hinges. It may be small, but hinges add details to the sunglasses. Like the frames, the materials used are either metal or plastic. Barrel Hinges are the most popular type of hinge. It consists of parts with a screw to join the frame and the temples. Meanwhile, Interlocking Hinges are already part of the frame.

It’s best if you can pick sunglasses with polarizing filters. It adds more glare protection so you can see even better under the sun. Most of all, it blocks horizontal light rays, which are harmful to the eyes. You can diminish glare from the pavement, windows, water, and other shiny surfaces.


Prescription sunglasses are the best if you’re a traveler with an eye condition. It will keep your vision clear while keeping your eyes safe. Best of all, you can get 100% UV and anti-glare protection when you’re outdoors. With prescription sunglasses, you get 2-in-1 eyewear for eye correction and protection.

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